Automation – the Life Saver for your Business

Life insurance agents are some of the busiest professionals out there. Many agents are responsible for generating new leads, managing existing clients, updating social media, and keeping up with countless administrative tasks.

With the laundry list of tasks life insurance agents tackle each day, using tools to optimize your practice is a must. That is why learning how to automate your tasks is essential to running a profitable operation. Here are some easy ways to build automation into your work routine that can save you time and make you more money.

1. Learn How to Automate with your CRM
Your CRM software is likely your best friend when managing your business. But did you know that your CRM can automate tasks?

Many CRMs like Hubspot or Salesforce have the built-in capabilities to automate several business tasks you are already doing. Tasks like sending out prospecting emails, inputting customer information, delivering follow-up emails or texts, creating invoices, and much more can all be automated!

CRMs are incredibly powerful tools, and most platforms have staff or training videos available to teach you how to begin automating your business. Although it may take some time to get set up, the payoffs are almost immediate and necessary when trying to grow your business.

2. Automate your Social Media

Social media is more than just liking old high school photos or getting updates on local news. Social media is a crucial part of any business, small or large.

The issue that many business owners have with social media is that it can be a full-time job. Posts and updates should be made daily, if not more, and learning new trends and social media platforms can be time-consuming.

That is why automating your social media is essential to optimizing your business processes. Rather than stepping away from your other business activities multiple times a day, setting up automation systems that post your content according to a schedule will save you precious time. Using systems like Hootsuite or SocialPilot can be a game-changer.

This is a great way to stay organized and maintain a consistent and recognizable image on social media.

3. Automate your Data Entry Tasks

One mundane time-consuming task that is easy to automate is data entry. Whether you’re creating a list of emails for a sales generation campaign or listing out business expenses, data entry activities can take you away from the revenue-driving activities you want to focus on.

However, when using programs like Zapier, these activities take seconds instead of hours. Although CRM platforms can automate tasks like emails and reminders, you still need to feed the required data into the system. With data entry automation, you can copy and paste lists of emails, names, phone numbers, and more into a program that will give you the data in whatever format you need.

Where to Start

Automating your business can appear stressful. There is usually a lot of upfront work when it comes to learning new systems and setting up the processes in a way that suits your needs. However, once you’ve accomplished your automations, the payoffs are immediate.

When thinking about what tasks to automate first, think about which activities are the most repetitive and time-consuming. With the systems you are using, you likely have many automation features already at your disposal. Don’t forget to review your business needs and what you already have access to before getting started.