Life Happens

If you are like me, you have been seeing these life happens memes posted on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn on life insurance agents pages. Ever wondered where they are getting this information? I was wondering the same and went on a vest to figure it out, and that I did.



So what is Life Happens ? 

Life Happens is a non profit organization that gives you unbiased information to help individuals make smart insurance choices to protect loved ones. They are  focused on educating people about what life, disability and long-term care insurance are and how these financial tools, along with annuities, can help put a strong financial foundation in place so that you and your loved ones, and even your business, can thrive financially. Life Happens coordinates three national awareness campaigns: Insure Your Love (February) Life Insurance Awareness Month (September) and Disability Insurance Awareness Month (May).

Ok, I know enough about that. So how are these life insurance agents getting these memes and content to post? It so happens that life happens has what is called Life Happens Pro that houses many many resources available to life insurance agents, from videos to flyers to brochures to the life happens memes you are familiar with seeing and everything in between.


But with everything comes a price, they have a free plan that is called the Lite, and then 2 paid plans that offer more than what you get with the free. These are Plus for $39 a month and Premium for $79 a month. For more information and plan comparison go here.

Imagine having ready-made contents for you to post on your social media. Isn’t that something. As an executive virtual assistant to life insurance agents this is a major win for both myself and the agents when it comes to having content for posting.