Organizing your digital files



Rummaging through hundreds of documents to find what you’re looking for is so last century. If you still do that, continue reading I am here to help! Today, all you (should) have to do is sift through your digital files and get a hold of the required documents within a minute. Even digital files, should be organized! It’s supposed to be a quicker version than the manual one – not extensive. So, make things easier for yourself and organize your digital files.

Start by creating one primary folder to add all your documents to. This will keep your home screen from being covered with various documents, there is nothing I hate more than seeing a desktop full of documents. Instead, create a folder that you can add more folders to. Categorize those folders by different functions within your business or your clients. This allows you to create a systemic way to save all your documents and ease of finding them. No more running your eyes through the home screen to find things!

If you save your documents with random names, you will not benefit from it, because it's madness. You want to ensure that you add the correct details to them, in order not to forget which document is the right one. If your brain is like mine, that is so possible.

For instance, you have saved three variations of a particular form, let's an insurance application. Do not name them application form 1, application form 2, and application form 3. Now, you’re unaware of which is which and you will be rummaging through all three of them to find the right one. Avoid doing this and add more details to your documents. If your application form is relevant to a particular company, then write it like this: application form – company. So no more time wasting.

When working in Microsoft Word, you can easily overlook where you’re saving items. Instead, be keen on saving your documents in the appropriate locations or folders the first time around. This will ensure that you don’t have your documents saved all over the place in folders such as Downloads.

When creating documents in Google Drive, the easiest way to is to create in the doc in the appropriate folder.

Remove, remove documents that you no longer need. Don’t let them take up too much space on your hard drive, cloud storage which ever you use and ruin its efficiency. I try to delete files I no longer need twice per month. It can be more depending on your preference.

To be fully transparent, there is no definite way of organizing your files, but you can use these to make things easier for yourself.

If you are one of those many people that do not have time to organize and or keep your files organized, I am here to help.