YVA Speaker Concierge Services

Helping female motivational speakers find ways to make their voice heard. To learn more information, please click here.

I work with:

  • Educators
  • Influencers
  • Industry Leaders
  • Survivors
  • & Coaches
on defining their speech, their voice, and their platform for tactical and empowering change.

You have the mission. You have the statement. You know what you want to say, and how to say it. But you are also not blind to all of the hard work, dedication, and technical aspects that go on behind the scenes of becoming a motivational speaker.


Think of me as the invisible engine. I help you stay organized, streamline your success, and handle all of the administrative work it takes to become a powerful and impactful speaker. I can help you:

  • Research relatable and relative speaking engagements
  • Follow up with leads and dynamic opportunities
  • Manage your team and staff
  • Integrate your networking process
  • Clear and streamline calendar scheduling
  • Take all the excess stress of your plate
  • Gift you the extra time to write and rework speeches
  • Connect with your audience more presently

~And most importantly~

I will get you in front of the audiences you want to impact, the rooms you want to flourish in, and the exposure you deserve. Having a team of highly dedicated assistants, or at least one YVA Concierge is the difference between stress and grounded presence. I have years of experience that I hone in to help you show up in front of niche audiences and individuals waiting for your message. I am an expert at handling all technical and unglamorous aspects that come with being your own business owner.

With YVA Speaker Concierge Services, expect to have your calendar fully booked with exciting and unimaginable speaking opportunities with every turning wee

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