Donna is organized and efficient in her work. She knows how to get the job done and on time.

Kenneth Crawford, Kenneth Lawn Care

Amazing work, very efficient and completed work as agreed upon. I will definitely be using her again and would recommend her to anyone needing office work done.

Rhonda Waggoner

I've been using Donna's office services for my life insurance business now for almost 7 years and cannot express how reliable and trustworthy her office is. She handles all my pending paperwork and makes sure to follow up on any needed work. I never have to micromanage or wonder the status of any projects. I highly recommend her services.

Alex Acevedo

I hired Donna as my office admin manager and I have been pleased with the quality of work she has done. She is efficient, well organized, ethical and truly understands the given task set before her. Donna is a true asset to The Covergroup Life Ins. Agency and I am glad to have her.

Corey Daniels - The Covergroup Life Insurance Agency

Donna has been my Office Administrator for over 8 years. First in my business for 7.5 of those years where she proved to be organized, reliable and a dedicated employee. When she left to start her own business I didn't have to think twice about choosing her to be my Office Administrator remotely. I cant think of anyone who is more organized and ensures that everything is taken care of in the required time. Donna works on her own initiative and doesn't need to be told what to do; she simply handles it and in any business that is indeed admirable.

Mark Goldstein - International Pension Planning LLC

Donna has been a great help to my business over the last few weeks. I would recommend her services (if I didn't want to keep her to myself lol) to any insurance agent looking for an extra hand in the organization and advancement of their financial service practice.

Lacole Whitfield, Whitfield Investment Group

We love these people!! Donna has been an amazing assistant with my personal needs. I guarantee you will not be disappointed with the services.

Bergen Lewis, Transparency Life Coaching, LLC

Bergen Lewis, Transparency Life Coaching, LLC


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