Tips to Successfully hire and work with a Virtual Assistant


As a business owner or a start-up, it is common to do everything on your own because it gives you full control over all aspects of your business. Now that you have a momentum going and all the small stuff adds up quickly than expected, it might be time to get help.

  • Know exactly what you are looking for 

Hiring an online assistant is just like hiring office staff for your business, that's why it's important to be very clear on tasks and assignments that you are looking to outsource.

  • Define job specifications and definition

What the work requires, the skills and qualifications you need, the duties you expect the VA to perform, number of hours and days per week you require (short-term or long-term assistance) and the online platforms and tools you use in your business.

Virtual assistants have a wide range of skills and are willing to work extra hours on weekends. You can negotiate these terms during the interview.

  • Set up systems and procedures

Be sure to have your systems up and ready so the VA can have a reference on how things are done in your business. This includes your processes and workflow.

  • Define expectations

To set clear expectations, you need to conduct a trail with them or a demo work by completing an example task that they would do. This also means that you put a detailed list of the steps they need to take to complete your task.

  • Start with relatively easy minor task

Don't give a critical assignment right away. Delegate smaller tasks first so you can can take a look at the VAs work process and determine the best ways to communicate with each other. Always ask the assistants if they understand the task and if they have questions.

  • Decide how often you will contact your VA

Effective communication is the key to every successful relationship. As part of a  VAs work they send end-of-the-day  (EOD) reports, however you may want to schedule a daily or weekly phone call to suit your needs.

  • Keep files in the cloud

Using a cloud storage like Google Drive or Dropbox is a practical way to manage files between you and the virtual assistant. Create a shared folder so you can easily transfer and track the flow of both work and files

  • Train your virtual assistant

Because you may have process unique to your business you should spend some time training your virtual staff so they can learn them all.

  • Build a relationship

Finally, you can also establish a strong bond with your VA by spending time asking about their hobbies and such.

These are just a few tips for business owners working with a virtual assistant that will help you get the right VA for your business